At Low Voltage UK Ltd, we offer a complete one-stop shop for all low voltage systems.

Here is a sample list of our services:

Network Infrastructure

One of Low Voltage UK Ltd's main activity is the installation of computer network cabling and infrastructure, often referred to as structured cabling. Much of the time, these elements are installed as part of a new build contract or refurbishment of a business, school, public building or home, however clients regularly ask us to extend or expand a previous installation.

Modern Category 5e, Category 6 and fibre optic networks are designed to be future proof solutions, offering scope to cope with future demands. All new Cat 5e and Cat 6 cabling supplied and installed by Low Voltage UK Ltd is LSZH (Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen). Low-smoke zero-halogen cable reduces the amount of toxic and corrosive gas emitted in the event of a building fire.

Low Voltage UK Ltd are committed to providing the highest levels of reliability and trust in the products and solutions we deliver. We use a wide range of high quality cabling products designed to be extremely hardwearing and durable while providing solid connectivity and reliability. All of our products undergo a strict approval process to ensure our customers' maximum satisfaction. We like to provide top brands such as Krone, Hellermann Tyton and Draka, but even cable from our cheaper ranges can be installed with a 25-year performance warranty, if required.

Outlet Sockets

Outlet sockets come in an infinite number of styles, colours and finishes. If you have a special socket face or a particular colour or finish in mind, it can be matched. The vast majority of commercial face plates are white plastic but we have many different finishes available to us, including such brands as Forbes and Lomax, Wandsworth and MK – these brands tend to be used more in residential applications.

Patch Panels

We supply and install many brands of patch panel. Sometimes this is a cost driven decision and other times our clients may have a preference for a brand or range. Low Voltage UK Ltd can supply and install any brand or range of patch panel. Krone, Hellermann Tyton and Panduit are quality makes of patch panel and are regularly specified but patch panels from our cheaper ranges are also available and come with a 25-year performance warranty, if required.

Fibre Optic Applications

The cost of fibre optic technology has considerably reduced in recent years. The limitations on fibre optic cables are much less than copper cables – very high speeds can be achieved over much greater distances using fibre optic cable and stiff competition by manufacturers has seen the difference in cost between the two media become much smaller. A site with multiple buildings would generally utilise fibre optic cables as a network backbone, feeding multiple data cabinets throughout the site, then copper Category 5e or Category 6 local cabling would be used to extend from local data cabinets within each building, to the desks or work stations.

Data Cabinets

We offer a wide choice of data cabinets and enclosures. Many businesses have large installations with cabinet mounted servers – for this type of application full height server cabinets would be required, keeping sensitive equipment safely under lock and key. Lots of homes these days also employ a computer network, with cabling coming back to a central location or hub. For this type of application, we are able to offer very small, wall-mounted data cabinets, which are easily concealed and will house all active equipment. We are able to offer whichever type, size or brand of data cabinet that's required for a project.

Testing and Warranty

All of our network installations are tested and certified, using our state of the art network testers manufactured and annually calibrated by Fluke. Our Fluke DTX1800 network testers are universally recognised as the network installer’s tester of choice and with regular calibration we can ensure that our test results are accurate enough to provide 10, 15 and 25-year warranties.

Active Network Equipment

Although we don’t supply computers, we do supply and install everything that allows them to link to the Internet. Once you have infrastructure in place, active equipment is needed to feed all devices. Active equipment ranges from broadband routers, which allow connection to your broadband, to wireless access points, which extend the range of your wireless to areas that were not previously covered. A business, large house or school will need to implement wireless access points to be able to gain wireless internet access throughout the building or complex.

Telephone Systems

Telecommunications is currently evolving at an incredible rate and a business’s lifeblood is communication, so we offer really smart solutions to meet all of your requirements. Whether it’s a business, a school or a home, we have a wide range of systems available to us from top manufacturers such as Panasonic and Samsung, which can provide smart telephone handsets with cordless and door entry options and a host of really useful facilities. Many of our clients have a need to receive direct calls to each desk or wish to answer calls from a door phone and also be able to open that door remotely. Whatever your needs, we can assist in making your telephony requirements a reality.


A voice mail system can be a very useful resource to a business. When used correctly a voicemail system can free up a member of staff to carry out duties other than answering the telephone and taking messages. Staff members can also collect messages remotely, at a time and from a place that suits them. Greeting messages can also be changed on the move.

Access Control

Access control has been around for quite a while but it has changed. Historically, access control or door entry systems were used in business applications or shared accommodation such as flats, but many such systems can now be found in a very wide range of applications, such as care homes, schools, larger domestic dwellings and of course, a large proportion of businesses. Modern access control systems are more advanced than ever, with a choice of options for keeping doors closed and also opening them, memory for recording entry and exit and the ability to network doors together to create a system. A modern access control system will typically keep a door securely closed but allow for easy opening by the authorised people, as well as voice communication, with or without video images to the people inside. We offer the most cost effective solutions available from quality manufacturers such as Paxton, Videx and BPT.

IP Camera Security

IP cameras have opened up a whole new area of security, with features that didn’t exist before. IP cameras are essentially a computer network device. They work on the same cabling as your computer or printer uses and modern advances have seen huge changes to their size, performance and cost. Even very cheap IP cameras have better quality images than the CCTV cameras of the past. IP cameras can work in very low light areas, use low levels of power and can be accessed and viewed from a normal computer, Tablet or smart phone from anywhere in the world. Many cameras can also be controlled from a computer or smart phone, so you could be at home, keeping an eye on your business premises and you can have the ability to pan a remote camera for a different view and then zoom in for a close up. Used in conjunction with other systems this ability provides outstanding security, functionality and peace of mind.

Overhead Projectors and Smartboards

We offer a range of overhead projectors and smart boards, mainly for educational organisations and some businesses. An overhead projector is a must in all classrooms and boardrooms and we like to offer quality products from Panasonic, Hitachi and Epson. We can propose new solutions but are equally happy to relocate existing equipment. Security cages and a range of poles and fixing brackets are also available to suit all applications and environments.

Contract Cabling

A large proportion of our work is contract based. Typically, an electrical contractor will approach us with a quotation request for the network infrastructure element on a new build or refurbishment contract. The electrical contractor is usually responsible for appointing a specialist company to supply and install all computer network and telephone system elements for a building project. When this happens, we are often asked to quote for a project by more than one electrical contractor; this is because we have become well regarded, particularly locally, for the good and wide variety of services we provide. Normally we supply and install everything, from new cabling to second fix sockets and patch panels, and finally present certified test results, but occasionally we are asked to second fix cabling installed by others. This is not a problem; here at Low Voltage UK Ltd we are happy to carry out any part of any project.


Oxfordshire CCTV is the brand-new trading name of the CCTV department at Low Voltage UK LtdOxfordshire CCTV are all about providing great quality CCTV systems and CCTV installation in Oxford, Witney and surrounding areas, coupled with a service that is second to none.


We do supply and install products from all manufacturers when requested, however, we are pro Hikvision and have concentrated on this brand for the past five years. With Hikvision you get fantastic quality products and unbeatable value for money.


Hikvision’s vast catalogue of all types of cameras and NVR’s (Network Video Recorders) enable us to create CCTV systems for all situations and applications.