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At Low Voltage UK Ltd we are proud of our reputation for excellence. This reputation is based on providing 4 years of complete customer satisfaction, resulting in a large amount of repeat business and recommendations to other potential clients.

Offering the right price to a potential new client is essential to what we do, but furthermore, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with exceptional service from beginning to end. Our rapidly growing customer base is a testament to this approach.

Low Voltage UK Ltd has a wide range of customers, varying from small businesses to large industrial PLCs, and from small residential properties to large manor houses. We treat each and every customer with the same level of respect and always avoid technical jargon in favour of more simple, everyday language.

Here is a sample list of our customers:

Electrical contractors

Low Voltage UK Ltd work very closely with a growing number of electrical contractors, providing various services across many projects, including new builds and renovations of large manor houses, businesses, schools, colleges and universities. We cater to all aspects of the building technology, from surveying and consultancy to installation, testing, handover and end user training.

We know it can be a hassle to source the right company to provide your network cabling, telephone systems, door entry and access control systems – but we consider ourselves as the complete one-stop shop for all low voltage services.

Work in the education sector

We know cost plays a big part in any project, but for many schools and colleges it can determine whether a project goes ahead or not. So it is with great pride that our competitive pricing structure enables us to serve many schools, colleges and universities within the Oxfordshire area. As with all our customers we provide an excellent service and price, meeting all and any communication requirements.

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